Gary White, Plant Manager for the Palmyra location.
Gary White Plant Manager for the Palmyra location

Can you give us a broad overview of Pamarco’s Palmyra facility?

Pamarco’s Palmyra location which utilizes is electromechanical engraving for the specialty gravure roll market. It is an engraving shop that specializes in both small and large format printing and coating cylinders. Palmyra has the ability to copper plate, surface finish, engrave, chrome plate, and proof conventional press rolls from 1” to 236” in width, and from 4.5” to 32.5” OD. It is also able to mechanically engrave rolls, as well as laser-engrave silicone and other non-ferrous materials, to customer specifications. Palmyra boasts a fully-functional machine shop and produces ballard shell proofing plates for many customers. It maintains in-house graphics capabilities and cylinder-repair finishing operations, making it a very fast facility. Turnover time for processing rolls at Palmyra averages less than twelve working days for large format and nine days for small format materials, from incoming receipt to outgoing return.

What are some advances that have been made over the past few years?

Pamarco’s specialty gravure facility is now a cloud-based graphics shop. Here, customer graphics are archived and kept on file, both locally and in the cloud. The facility services our electromechanical engraving machines three times a year to keep the electronics and mechanical aspects of the devices in peak operating efficiency. All superfinishing machines are also serviced twice yearly to keep them in their optimal condition as well. At Palmyra, we have the ability to perform electromechanical light-depth (0.004”) embossing in both positive and negative formats.

What is cold-seal application and who is a good candidate for it?

Cold-seal packaged products are sealed instantly using pressure rather than heat. This process creates a strong bond on a lightweight package that reduces movement during shipping and handling. Basically, the packaging sticks to itself instead of to the product. These type of materials are commonly found in medical supplies, CD’s and DVD’s, electronics, and jewelry. Along with cold-seal applications, Pamarco’s specialty gravure facility also specializes in gravure wallcoverings, foil printing, laminates for furniture, sheet and luxury vinyl tile floor coverings, and paper tissue products.

Pamarco has mechanical and electromechanical engraving capabilities, what are the key benefits of electromechanical?

The greatest advantage of electromechanical engraving is without a doubt the ability to vary both the size and depth of the printing cell. This capability enhances the amount of ink transferred to the substrate. Because Pamarco engraves from very pure and hardened copper using a diamond-tipped tool, there is little transfer resistance friction inside the cell. With the introduction of a “cell channel” between the individual cells to enhance fluid flow, the liquid evacuation and transfer rate is the highest amount among all printing trades. It is common to achieve rates in excess of 70% or more from a typical electromechanical cell, versus 28-45% with mechanical or lasered rolls.

By Katie Graham
Katie Graham - Technical Sales manager in Pamarco's European facility