Meet Your Anilox Manufacturer

A team with over seventy-five years of experience focused on printing better together

Who We Are

Pamarco began in 1946 when our founders, David Killary & Bill Donohue, created Paper Machinery and Research Corporation. Since that time we’ve continued to invest & grow into the only full service anilox roll provider with a global presence. Our products & services range from anilox rolls & accessories to cleaning products & complimentary roll audits performed by our experienced sales team. For the past 75 plus years, we have worked tirelessly to provide innovative solutions that help you stand out. That’s just how we roll.

Pamarco’s Innovations


Armor is a proprietary sealing process demonstrated to permanently fill the porosity & capillaries found in all ceramic anilox rolls. This sealing process improves the cleaning of anilox rolls by eliminating the areas for ink and coatings to attach. It also provides enhanced release of dried inks and coatings. Armor reduces the propensity of anilox rolls to stain, ensuring a uniform ink thickness job to job. In corrosive environments, Armor prevents solutions from penetrating the ceramic and attacking the underlying barrier and bonding metal layers.


EFlo has an extended 75° cell geometry. With its elongated cell walls allowing for increased ink transfer capabilities, it achieves a higher solid coverage, reduces the chance of cell plugging, and is ideal to run within faster press speed environments.


EZflo is our newest engraving pattern with a 30° channel cell engraving. This engraving is great for UV flood coats, it reduces pin-holing and misting, incorporates a channel technology for increased transfer and ink flow, and eliminates double bump.

Pamarco’s Commitments to the Future

Pamarco Batavia

After over sixty years at 125 Flinn Drive in Batavia, IL, we are proud to announce that we have relocated just two miles away into a purpose-built facility at 1475 Nagel Boulevard. Building this facility from scratch gave us the opportunity to streamline the production floor, focus on laser engraving, and offers more room for growth. Designed with our employees in mind, it features a clean, ergonomic workplace that is bright, open, and safe.

New Laser Install

Throughout the unexpected challenges and hurdles of 2020, Pamarco has been able to continue investing in our industry – to the benefit of our customers. In 2021 we are excited to begin taking advantage of the capacity for growth our new building has offered us – starting with the installation of a new 3.5M ALE laser in Batavia. This laser will be fully equipped to produce rolls in all screen count and volume ranges, including those within our growing coarse screen business. When transitioning to the new facility, we moved all of our mechanical engraving and electroplating work to our Roselle, New Jersey, location. This change allows our Batavia plant to channel its focus on our laser engraving business. Adding a third laser to our lineup offers more capacity and shorter turn times.

Pamarco’s Core Principles

Commitment to Quality

Sophisticated, high-quality product lines and custom-designed packages that are built with you in mind.

Focus on Innovation

Your daily production made more efficient with the latest technological developments.

A Vast Portfolio of Solutions

The best in product development and unmatched, personal service paired with knowledge from a group of industry experts.