Anilox Audits

Anilox roll audits offer long term tracking solutions and great value by allowing you the ability to budget, prioritize for planned maintenance and minimize production downtime. Audits also provide you with the ability to consistently meet your density targets by being proactive rather than reactionary..

How Can Regular Anilox Roll Audits Help You.

Audits provide detailed information on the status of your anilox rolls by taking impressions of cells to be analyzed by technicians using specialized software. Details include volume/BCM/density, cell depth, cell wall width, and engraving. Based on the analysis, you can find out if your rolls are plugged, worn, or damaged and in need of repair. If your rolls are in good shape, an audit provides a starting point for monitoring their condition over time and preparing for the future.


Anilox roll audits are taken by our experienced team members but if your location is closed to outside visitors or there is another reason your Pamarco salesman can’t come to your facility to perform an audit, you can request a free Audit Kit. We will send you all the necessary tools to take an anilox roll audit yourself. We provide step by step instructions on how to take an audit yourself