Anilox Cleaning

Manual Anilox Cleaning

CARE® Pads

Anilox Cleaning Pad

This unique anilox cleaning product has been specifically developed for use in conjunction with the Pamarco CARE® range of washes to meet the tough demands of the printing industry. It’s designed to penetrate deep into each microscopic anilox roller cell and provide maximum cleaning performance on even the most stubborn ink residues. Made of two different fiber types, anilox cleaning Care Pads provide a useful dual-purpose cleaning capability.


Anilox cleaning brushes are made using stainless steel bristles for ceramic rolls, brass bristles for chrome rolls, and horsehair bristles for other applications. All designed and built to provide proper roll cleaning.

Automatic Anilox Cleaning

Soda Blast Media

Utilizes our smallest sodium bicarbonate crystal with our premium moisture control system, providing a powerful yet gentle scouring action that cleans deep into anilox cells removing dry ink without any damage to delicate cell walls. A process when used with the appropriate equipment is capable of restoring original ink volume capacity.

EZ-Clean Scrubbers

Our air-powered EZ-Clean Scrubber provides the mechanical action necessary for your roll cleaning in a more automated, reduced labor operation. The EZ-Clean Scrubber is designed to be used on and off press to increase productivity and roll life.

PRS Scrubbers

Our family of scrubbers is designed as an on-press cleaning aid. Each PRS is compatible with your liquid cleaner of choice and removes the dried ink or coating from anilox or gravure rolls. We have two-dimension sizes that come with stainless steel brushes for ceramic rolls or brass brushes for chrome or gravure rolls.

Cleaning Plate

The Anilox Roll Cleaning Plate is a patented technology used to clean and maintain anilox roll volume on a preventative maintenance schedule or when needed. It is as easy to install as a printing plate and should be used as part of a complete anilox cleaning program.

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