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Ink Management from the Experts

John Rastetter at Pamarco, Dave Burgess at JB Machinery, and Scott Miller at BCM Inks sat down virtually to talk in depth about ink management and the unique solutions that each of our companies offer. . Click here to learn how to take an anilox audit yourself: Video...

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Pamarco & Alhu: Our New Environment

Hector Gamboa has an invigorating conversation how COVID-19 affected Mexico Flexo business and how Flexo industry has been fruitful in this rough time. Hector and Dax also talk about adapting the anilox audit to a remote service to help clients continue stay on top of...

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GAMA Ink Viscosity and pH Control Systems

Shane Weber and John Bingham of Bingham Flexo Services have a discussion about GAMA Ink Viscosity and pH Control Systems and why it's so important to maintain the optimum ink viscosity and temperature range and the benefits you will see when using these controls. More...

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