For the past decade Pamarco has been the supplier of laser engraved anilox for the offset coating market, with a goal to improve upon the technologies that enhance and support the offset coating process. The company has developed products specifically tailored to this industry including, Fiberlyte which is the premier carbon fiber anilox technology in the marketplace and the company’s latest engraving technology, EFlo, demonstrates Pamarco’s commitment to engineering products to perform for offset coating printers.

In order to make the right engravings selection, it is important to understand the various engravings available and which application they are designed for. EFlo 75° engravings work especially well when applying some of today’s difficult specialty coatings. The EFlo 75° engraving will allow for a smoother and more consistent lay down and will remain easier to clean for longer periods of time. In addition to EFlo. ThermaFlo 60° is typically used for UV and Aqueous coatings in the5.0 to 13.0 volume range for light to high gloss applications. Different cell geometries such as Tri- Helical and EFlo engravings are used to improve transfer rates, help prevent “backdoctoring”, chamber pressure, reduce foaming, and improve the appearance of the coatings. Heavier volume ranges, typically 20.0 to 40.0 but also up to 70.0 are used for applications such as Raised UV, Glitter, Textured Coatings, and Glow-In-Dark. If you’d like to speak with a technical representative to help with selecting the right engraving specifications, please email us at


FibreLyte is an exclusive Pamarco product using wound carbon – Fiber/Steel Journal construction – ceramic coated and laser engraved using EFlo™, EFlo-HD™ or ThermaFlo™ engraving method.

As Pamarco continually strives to supply the best valued products for our customers, coupled with technical support and outstanding customer service, we can now offer our customers a unique service from our five manufacturing locations within North America and Europe:

  • Ceramic Coating technology from the most advanced systems
  • Multi Hit Laser Technology for total cell consistency
  • Cellbase Anilox cell measuring and certification
  • Anilox roll cleaning products and maintenance schedules
  • Carbon Fiber, Aluminum and Steel base technology
  • EFlo 75°and ThermaFlo 60° Engraving with much more consistent cell technology allowing for superior coating lay down
  • Specialty Tri Helical and Pins Up Engraving

Through our multiple locations worldwide and having the ability to service the Flexo and Offset markets we are considered the supplier of choice for many of the press OEMs worldwide. This affords us an exclusive network of press information, allowing us to provide guaranteed roll engraving specifications, quick turn-around times and more importantly a high level of service to all of our customers. For more information about the offset coating services we provide, please visit, or click here to download our offset coating brochure for more information.