Anilox Cleaning Plate

On Press Cleaning For Your Corrugated Setups
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cleaning plate

What Is The Anilox Cleaning Plate?

It’s hard to keep your press clean, which can lead to decreased quality of printing.

Not only is it difficult to keep your printing press clean, but it’s also a very time consuming. You have to manually scrub the plates with harsh chemicals, which can be harmful if you’re not careful. And you may have to take the roll out of the press, risking damage to the anilox roll.

The Anilox Cleaning Plate was designed to make the cleaning process easier. It’s made from durable materials that are maintenance free, so you don’t have to worry about it breaking or wearing down over time.

How Easy Is It To Use?

Very Easy. Mount the Anilox Cleaning Plate like any printing plate. Cycle your diluted soap and water solution through the inking system and scrub the anilox roll automatically

cleaning plate

Any Anilox,
No Limitation.

  • Any Width
  • Any Cylinder Size
  • Any Plate Height
  • Fits All Presses

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