When you want to accurately match colors off press, a hand proofer is the tool for the job.

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Pamarco Tiny 5 by 5 indentIt is the only instrument for quickly and easily increasing your ability to uniformly reproduce the colors you need on press without actually being on press. The hand proofer is a precision unit used for proofing flexographic inks on all substrates: paper, board, film, or practically any other surface. It is widely used by flexo converters and ink companies worldwide for the advantages it brings to precise color matching and the elimination of on press ink adjustments.

accurately match colors off press - hand proofer is the too

The first step in achieving color precision with hand proofing is to choose the right hand proofer for your needs. Think over what works for you by answering these questions: what type of printing will you be doing? Which anilox rolls will you be using? How important is speed of transition? Are you using a doctor blade system? Pamarco currently offers three types of proofers: Standard, Roto, and Quick Change. But which one is right for you based on your answers to these questions? Let’s take a closer look at the options to find out.

Of the three proofers, Pamarco’s Standard Proofer is, as the name implies, an industry standard. With its user-friendly two-roll construction, it has become one of the most highly-regarded proofers in the print industry. It is a high quality, but still cost-effective, proofer that offers a great deal of accuracy in color matching.

The Roto Proofer is geared towards gravure coating customers with the aim of transferring the ink or coating directly to the substrate, an extensive range of materials to be printed or coated. It uses an engraved roll and doctor blade metering system. The Roto Proofer offers highly consistent proofs and is ease of use.

Pamarco’s Quick Change Proofer is based on the Standard Proofer’s straightforward two-roll construction, (anilox and rubber roll) but it also boasts a unique removable roll carriage for a speedier changeover by avoiding the need to take the whole proofer apart. Quick Change eliminates the need for multiple handles, while allowing for swift anilox changes to finely tune proofs. It is simple to use and simple to clean.

Each of these proofers offer accurate replication of what is being printed on press. In terms of rolls used, the EvenFlo mechanically engraved roll has long been established as the benchmark anilox for proofing. And the ceramic-coated laser engraved rolls are available in a variety of cell types and specifications and duplicates the technology used on press today. Their easy change design makes for an accelerated changeover of rolls either by removing the roll carriage and changing the roll, or by using several rolls and roll carriage assemblies where you can calibrate your proofs in mere seconds.

In order for a hand proofer to achieve consistent precision, it is important to treat this instrument with care. All proofers come ready-assembled with instructions on how to use and care for them that should be strictly followed. Damage can occur from improper assembly and disassembly. It is imperative that the roll be disengaged when not in use; leaving it engaged will damage the rubber roll. The proofer should also be periodically disassembled and lightly lubricated in order to keep the plunger moving freely. The entire proofer should be cleaned and dried after each use, and we offer solutions in our care range that will safely remove any inks and residues from the anilox and rubber roll without causing any damage.

Now that you have the basic facts about Pamarco’s line of hand proofers, it’s time to decide which one will meet your needs. If you’re leaning toward the Quick Change, don’t miss out on the opportunity to briskly and precisely match your colors off press at a discount: Pamarco is currently running a promotional offer through March on Quick Change Proofers.

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